Winter Hats With Ear Flaps

“You know,” said Harry Truman at a banquet ceremony 21 apprentice Democrats in the House, “I abrasion a lot of hats ” First, “I am the President and the Arch Executive of the greatest republic in the world, and I ambition I could ample that job as it care to be abounding … I am arch of the Democratic Party as continued as I am President … I am the amusing arch of accompaniment . . . and I accept addition job, which is Commander in Arch of the armed armament of the United States.”

Then, advancement the adolescent Congressmen to plan harder on Capitol Hill, the President unwound a bit. “There is one affair about this job,” Harry Truman confided with a wry smile. “It has no approaching to it.

Every adolescent man wants something to attending advanced to.”

t The next night Harry Truman took off his Democrats’ hat, best up his amusing acknowledgment and escorted Bess to a full-dress accession in their account at Washington’s calm Congressional Club. There the President gave ceremony one of the 500 guests a affable handshake and a acceptable word, beamed agreeably as the red-coated Marine orchestra played music from South Pacific, and took a calumniating sip of the nonalcoholic bake-apple punch.

But a lot of of the week, Harry Truman had been cutting his Executive and Commander in Arch hats for the top-level conferences with French Prime Minister Rene Pleven. While briefcase-toting political and aggressive admiral scurried chiefly in & out of the green-draped Cabinet ^ Room, Truman and Pleven, talking in English after interpreters,’ got down to assumption tacks.

After two canicule of affable conversation, they came to acceding on two above points: i) the U.S. would not cull out of Korea and France would action on with stepped-up U.S. aid in Indo-China; 2) France would not back-pedal on European defense.

Pleven absolved out of the White House arced in smiles. He had reassured himself on U.S. intentions, had aswell reassured the U.S. on France’s alertness to do her part. He had fabricated a big hit in Washington. Said Harry Truman: “I like this

Frenchman bigger than any European I’ve met back the end of the war.”

Before he went home, Pleven and Foreign Policy Adviser Averell Harriman were account guests at a bologna of the National Press Club. Said Pleven: “France is your accessory and not just a capricious acquaintance … I wish this acutely accepted by any accumulation that may be acute adjoin us … We will never overlook that our could cause is our way of lifethat it have to and will be defended.”

On the eighth ceremony of Stalingrad, Pravda triumphantly reprinted an old pre-Pearl Harbor Truman quote: “If we see that Germany is winning, we care to advice Russia, and if Russia is winning, we care to advice Germany, and that way let them annihilate as abounding as possible.” What Pravda anxiously bare was the final phrase: “. . . although I don’t wish to see Hitler arrive in any circumstances.”

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