Winter Boots

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The next stage proceed to the election funds for the care of winter shoes They certainly is not worth saving. Better to spend money on them than on new boots. Money in the shops abound. The main thing is that they not only improves the appearance, but also softens the skin and raise its water resistance. 

Classic shoe cosmetics are shoe polish on the shoe polish. They are heavily absorbed and require treatment with special brush, but well suited to care for winter shoes. Buying the tool, do not forget to check the quality. The surface of the cream should be evenly colored, smooth and glossy. If there are cracks, it is said that the cream is released long ago, the packaging was not closed properly and the solvent evaporated. Shoe polish may be discolored and stained. The first can be applied to shoes of any color, the second, respectively, to a certain color. 

Emulsion creams milder compared with shoe polish. They are on the surface of shoes form a porous film that allows moisture to pass out, they are suitable for warmer weather. It should be noted that some types of skin can be cleaned only with this type of creams to keep the texture of the material. For example, skin with embossed pattern. Emulsion creams are also painted and unpainted.

Samoblestyaschie cream and dries to form a brilliant film. Such funds are usually sold in jars with foam sponge. The cream is applied in the evening using the same sponge. In the morning it can be polished with a brush, then a velvet cloth. In a jar before cleaning each time add a drop of water.

Aerosols are mainly used to make leather shoes, water-repellent properties. At first treatment the skin should soak up the wet state. Of course, the most convenient way to spray treatment of shoes, but it is still not enough, so use in addition a classic shoe polish.

There are also funds that are not redundant: footwear cleaners, tools for stretching shoes, waxes, betraying the skin shine, deodorant for shoes. The latter also possess anti-bacterial effect.

We would like to also mention about the means to care for suede. Indeed, many representatives of the fairer sex, despite the capricious weather, prefer it to her. If you purchased a pair of suede boots, buy immediately and a special impregnation, which protects from wet and dirt, and to further facilitate cleaning. This tool is applied to the new shoes three times with a break for complete drying. In the following applies for each cleaning. Today, the suede can be easily purchased and aerosols. The composition of these funds, except cleaning agents, and includes color pigments, which will help freshen the color of your shoes.

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